Ribbon Tweeters (คู่)

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Ribbon Tweeters (คู่)

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Thickness :19.5mm
Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency response range: 1.5K-40K
Maximum power: 30W
Rated power 15W
Sensitivity: 92dB
Recommended frequency points:> 2500Hz
Front Panel Material: ABS
Diaphragm Material: KAPTON
Conductive Line Material: Alumium foil
Magnet Material: Neodymium

What is the Ribbon Tweeter and its advantages:

1) Ribbon Tweeter treble, sound waves were flat radiation uniform, wave array consistent, no high-frequency distortion. Work band without resonance, impedance curve straight, magnet matrix design rehearsal, into a uniform drive magnetic field distribution, so that the sound high-fidelity reduction.

2) Belt treble high sensitivity, no transmission delay, no phase drift. The frequency response can be extended to 40KHZ.

3) The surface of the panel is designed to control the directional shape, the two rows of narrow open holes in the front steel plate, the control frequency response and the sound radiation directivity, forming a uniform wide directional characteristic.

4) Professional anti-magnetic design. The tweeter is designed to eliminate stray magnetic fields. To prevent external magnetic field interference, to ensure high quality.

5) High security. The material itself has a flame retardant, self-extinguishing ability, never burning.

6) Durable. The voice coil and the diaphragm are integrated and the conductor on the diaphragm is covered with an antioxidant coating that prevents the conductive lines from oxidizing over instantaneous overheating. The diaphragm is chemically inert and insoluble in organic solvents with excellent stability. Can withstand corona discharge, easy to breakdown.

7) The diaphragm is made of Kapton material, which is 100 times lighter than that of the compression tube, and the instantaneous response is faster and the clarity is further improved.

8) Exquisite selection. The diaphragm is mounted on two N45 grade NdFeB magnets by two glass fiber brackets to form push-pull drive. Diaphragm and steel plate frame filled with high-quality sound-absorbing material, increase the damping, eliminating the additional vibration.




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